In May 2011, Kokuyo and Camlin came together to create Kokuyo Camlin Limited. Kokuyo S&T Co. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Kokuyo Company Limited, acquired a controlling stake in Camlin Limited from the promoters. The name of the company has now been changed to Kokuyo Camlin Limited.
With a sharp focus and a clear goal to leverage existing strength and presence, Kokuyo Camlin Limited is all set to begin a new chapter in the stationery business. The expertise, reach and brand equity of Camlin will be supplemented with Kokuyo’s innovative new office stationery products, world class R&D and a strong presence in Asian geographies.

Cam Canvas Board 35×45 cm (14x18In)

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23.00 AED

Cam Canvas Board 50×60 cm (20×24 in)

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Cam Canvas Board 40×50 cm (16x20In)

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Cam Canvas Board 60x90cm

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Cam Canvas Board 50x75cm (20x30In)

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Cam Canvas Board 45x75cm

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Cam Canvas Board 55x75cm

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Cam Canvas Board 20×25 cm (8x10In)

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Cam Canvas Board 30×40 cm (12x16In)

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Cam Canvas Board 45x60cm (18x24In)

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Cam Canvas Board 40×60 cm (16x24In)

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Cam Canvas Board 50x60cm

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