The great masters of watercolour first emerged in the West around the sixteenth century. Their portability and timeliness made them ideal for illustrating the discoveries of the New World and later in the colonies. 
Pébéo offers amateur watercolours via its Fine Watercolour range, a palette of bright and intense colours. The range of Pébéo watercolour auxiliaries will finally enable artists to enrich and expand their technique.

Watercolour Metal Atelier Kit

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264.76 AED

Fine Watercolour Collection Box

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300.00 AED

Fine Watercolour 18 Tubes 12Ml Set

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Fine Watercolour 24 Tubes 12Ml Set

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Fine Watercolour 12 Tubes 12Ml Set

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Watercolour Round Metal Box 12 Half-Pans

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Watercolour Round Metal Box 24 Half-Pans

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Watercolour Pocket Metal Box 12 Half-Pans

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