Shanghai is an industrial & trading combined company for professional art materials in China. Being a holding company of 2 factories in Zhejiang, who are Jinhua GOWIN Canvas Co., Ltd & Pan’an Easel factory, SINOART especially manufactures easels and artist canvases with all varieties. At the same time, SINOART enjoys wonderful relationships with abundant factory partners around China for all kinds of art materials.

Kids Table top Easel 43x43x42 cm

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157.00 AED

Table Top Box Easel

SKU: SFE0030 Categories: ,
125.00 AED

Metal Sketch Easel Canvas

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190.48 AED

Lyre Easel ELM Wood upto 120

SKU: SFE0010 Categories: ,
450.00 AED

Mini Easel 6.5X12 Cm

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4.00 AED

Easel 66x96x173cm, Bamboo Wood, Unassemble

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280.95 AED

Mini Easel 9X16.5 Cm

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7.00 AED

Frame Lyre Easel Espresso, Hold Canvas Up To 135Cm

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252.38 AED

SKETCH EASEL 96x96x125cm

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180.95 AED

Bamboo Pen 3pc in blister

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10.00 AED