Firing Services

Drop Off Time & Things to Know for Kiln Rental:

To book for a firing schedule, you may contact us through WhatsApp at +971562017970 or send us an email at One of our representatives will get back to you to confirm availability as we have scheduled firings every day. Items for firing can be dropped off anytime between 10am to 10pm, daily. Ideally, should be a day prior to your booked schedule.
Pieces made out of clays and glazes that were not purchased in Art Central should be provided with cone firing range temperature that can be found on the packaging as reference for firing.
Please refer to the chart for firing charges.

Drop-in Ceramic Painting:

Clients can choose any of the ceramic bisque from our showroom display and prices can be found at the bottom of each bisque and varies depending on the design and glazes will be provided by Art Central.
You can use your own glazes and/or clays (subject to our review and approval) if you wish to rent our studio only.
Please refer to the chart for firing, glazing and/or workshop rent charges.
Turn Around Time for Ceramic Painting and Deadline to Pick Up:
Fired ceramics can be collected after a span of 5-7 days after dropping your pieces, this is generally enough time to ensure your pieces have been fired and unloaded from the kiln.
Rushed ceramic glaze firings can be requested and is subject for approval. Our studio does not have the capacity to store pieces for an extended period of time – thus, ceramics that are not collected after 30 days (1 month) from glazing date will no longer be available for pick up.
Turn Around Time for Kiln Rental:
You may collect your pieces after the scheduled date of firing. Note that firing takes 6-10 hrs (depending on the temperature) to complete, and another approx. 6-8 hrs for cooling down, thus, the kiln will be opened the next day.