Excel Kilns

Excel kilns are precision manufactured with only top quality components to assure years of service. They include many standard features that are extra on other round kilns. The general features of Excel kilns include: Modular design – independent sections allow for one-person moving and easy brick and element replacement. Premium refractory firebrick – made from the highest quality materials, carefully cut and grooved for precise fit. Sealed, dust-free lids with full floating hinges to allow for proper expansion and contraction during firing. Two-position, reinforced steel bar — Standard on all Excel kilns including models with EZ-Lift — secures lid while loading and unloading

-High quality Kanthal A-1 elements
-Stainless steel jackets of superior strength allow for further kiln expansion during firing
-Select Fire™ computer control for easy operation
-Corrosion resistant lug connectors that require only a screwdriver to replace elements -Steel stand with no-mar rubber feet -7-foot power cord with NEMA plug (except EX-1099SF which is direct wire).


Amaco Kiln EX-353SF Max. Cone 10, 5.25 cu. ft (148.66 Ltr) 1Phase, 240V, wall thickness 3″, With Ez-Lift

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22,450.00 AED

Amaco Kiln EX-232SF Max. Cone 10, 3.2 cu.f 1Phase, 240V

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15,250.00 AED

Amaco Kiln EX-329SF Max. Cone 10, 2.9 cu.f (82.1-L)1Phase, 240V, wall thickness 3′

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18,445.00 AED

Vent Master Kiln 240V

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5,125.00 AED
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Excel Kilns Manual

Click Here for PDF manual for Excel Kilns