Mid/High Fire Clays

We manufacture Mid/High Fire AP labeled ceramic clays in a variety of formulas for many different uses. Please read the details for each AMACO clay to determine which is most suitable for sculpture, wheel throwing, or multi-purpose. Our glazes are specifically formulated to give excellent results on AMACO clays. Each glaze has a different effect depending on the clay body you select. (Firing other brands of glazes on our clays will offer successful results as well.)

Amaco Clay White Stoneware No.38 Moist (11.33kg per pack) High Fire

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118.00 AED

Amaco Clay Warm Brown Stoneware No.58 Moist (22.6kg per box) 50LB

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255.00 AED

Amaco Clay Stoneware without Grog No.480 Clay Mst (22.5kg per box) 50LB

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230.00 AED

Amaco Clay Buff Stoneware Clay No.46 (22.6kg per box)

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230.00 AED

Amaco Clay Terra Cotta Stoneware No.77 (22.5kg box) High Fire

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230.00 AED

High Fire Clay Comparison Chart

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